What is elevator?

A digital product for the global community of Makers focused on developing creativity through design challenges.

What does this web app do?

1. Suggest challenges
2. Deliver solutions
3. Connect with makers


By co-creating
By highlighting (Issues)
By offering solutions
By learning from each other

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"Plenty of people who are based in locations where the adidas MakerLabs are not physically available, are very interested in having access to it."

EMMA, 39

Innovation Dpt @Adidas, New York

“Impossible does not exist”

Emma is a 39 years old designer from New York. She lives in Dumbo (Brooklyn), she studied Material Engineer and she likes to explore all the maker lab activities in the city.

Consumption Behaviour:
Attends Maker Fairs
Spends most of her time on DIY projects
Member of FabLabs

Active in the Maker Community outside adidas
Attends conferences on Material Science

Maker Needs:
Push the maker technology forward
Interested in projects/colabs
Driven by peer recognition

Level of maker knowledge:
Theoretical & Practical


#01 Design Challenge

We will redesign the way adidas approach to people to improve the experience of empowering as a consumers or collaborators, because they value all the different identities/lives around the world.


#02 Re-Design Challenge

We will redesign the approach adidas has with makers to improve their experience as consumers and collaborators, because they value unique experiences, by creating honest products that have a true impact in their community.




A Digital Product For The Global Community Of Makers Focused On Developing Creativity Through Design Challenges.


Through challenges we are creating a Maker network powered by adidas capable to preach and share knowledge. adidas is building a mega society of lead makers that trigger the creativity through collaboration of individuals around the globe.

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UI Design & Style Guide


It was an honor to do this project in collaboration with adidas and the adidas MakerLab team. We visited the adidas headquarters at Herzogenaurach, Germany and received a challenging brief. This project is the result of months of work, design sprints, multiple progress presentations, feedback and experimentation. It was a transformative experience that helped us grow as Interaction Design professionals.

Special thanks to:

Jordi Closa
Director MakerLab network at adidas Group

Francesco Fera
Product Experience at adidas Group

Jens Bringsjord
UI/UX Designer at adidas Group

Marina Ojan
Masters Program Director at IED Barcelona

Eduardo de Felipe
Master in Interaction Design Coordinator at IED Barcelona

Karina Ibarra
UX Design consultant

Steffan Becker
UX Design consultant

Made with love by Yanfe Pedroza & Ardwin Hernández