Design Brief

Part of this project was the result of a collaboration between the students and professors of the Altos de Chavón, Special programs on summer of 2015 @ La Romana, Dominican Republic. The goal was to create animated content for projection mapping installation.

The 2nd stage of this project was a collaboration between Ardwin Hernández, Laura Ochoa and Yanfe Pedroza @ IED Barcelona. The goal was to extend the potential of this installation to make it interactive using a controller.




Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4




The purpose of this device is to control the animations projected on the surface of the structure. This controller was designed to be used with just one hand doing a rotation motion. The degree of the rotation determines the animation sequence displayed on the tetra 3D structure.
The Basic Components of the Device are:

- Arduino Uno
- Potentiometer
- 18" Led strip
- Laser cut wood case 3D designed in Rhino 6
- 4 Pairs of nuts and bolts